Monday, January 31, 2011

Where I`m From

I am from cool summer nights, twinkling fireflies, glitter illuminates the sky.

I am from bare feet running in fields,

damp green squish between my toes.

I am from spotlights, big stages and microphones

Eyes closed, lungs expanded, let go.

I am from the city streets,

busy people, traffic lights, stuck in their bluetooth.

I am from a coffee addiction, where Starbucks is on every corner,

not a sugar person.

I am from the only sane one, oldest of four

always playing mommy.

I am from an addictive personality

searching and found, fearful of peace.

I am from Italian wine, black, boots and colored scarves,

born to be a European.

I am from beautiful Russian language, but I could never be Russian

I smile in pictures.

I am from the crisp strums of my guitar

gold and incandescent resonate the cherry wood and pearl.

Eager to live the passion that tempers my ardent soul.

-Hillary Nicole