Tuesday, September 27, 2011

writer`s block


she has been taken from me. Passion has been captured and driven into the deep-seated corners of my heart. unreachable. he took her. pulling her from the tip, one thread at a time. my delicate, hand-crafted web. shimmering, silver threads, woven into star-shaped treasure. when plucked gently, her iridescence sings in flavored colors. each string a different note, another color, one after another declaring beauty in soft glimmering light and immortal steam. the stringed web illuminates touching strings and plucking smoke in forms of luscious rosy pinks, deep blues, living greens and black violets. one evokes another and another, awaking each sliver of silver into life. it breathes. as adam did take his first breath. dirt to flesh. it breathes. my web. thoughts. pictures. notes. words. perfectly hand-crafted by my Love. shameless, consuming ardent words. but she is marred by dense, Dark Matter. a black hole. his name is Sin. he watches. touches. then slowly amplifies, spreading throughout my web. blistering. Passion can no longer capture, for she is being captured. spun up and tangled by him. a liar. she screams deep blue luminate tears. fading. dulling. becoming stone.