Wednesday, March 23, 2011

budding dance

you are my elixir
sweetness is your hand brushing mine
charm, compelling me to blush and bloom
beneath the apple blossoms, lilies and blue bealls.
the delicate knell that is my heart`s efflorescence,
purple lilacs ringing, rippling back and forth,
honeysuckles nectar
descending as softens the breeze.
young and lush is our flesh,
seeking delight in each other
with swelling, plumes of ethereal embers.
i a floweret
fickle and coy
but you, a chevalier,
capture me
enthralled with pleasance
strength and softness blend chestnut and hazel,
silk reposing draped fully
envelopes our frame
lost in your protection
whimsical, our love dances
beneath the moonbeams.