Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a transposing heart

her heart is being renovated,
a modulation from its stagnant state to sundry color
seven years a hollow heart bleeds
do you hear it?
thumping. dragging of chains.
unacknowledged in their presence
the tedious humdrum of a forlorn soul
broken to a shattered glassy shine
reflecting perfection deep, but blemished.
perverted from its organic essence
into a hot mess,
an unadorned breath
dejected and destroyed
weeping and blue
cherishes her castle dreams.
her spirit longs to deviate from her
rais`ed form.

she has dream`ed of sincerity
of faithfulness, and adventure
biting into fresh plumbs
purple juices dripping down her face.
but experience speaks lies
she questions why, but
her heart`s response is too ambiguous,
too deeply secluded. masqued. burried in her blood.
cloaked with deception
slander to her purest heart
eclipsed in the shadows of the moonlit trees
and camouflaged by nightfall.

her heart is being renovated,
brilliant fire gains victory over inky smudges
thought permanent.
hidden in the dusty cornered rooms
of her heart
a glow ignites iridescence here.
and it paints and polishes
dispelling obscurity, and
leaving sparkle in her emerald eyes

-hillary nicole

a mistake

soo...i wrote this for my american lit class the other day...but i don`t think i actually followed the directions given, slash i couldn`t find them...either way, its an okay "poem" i guess, as good as poems can be, esp. when i am the one attempting to create them...

ice storm

out there
bitter beats the windows
the fierce leaves chimneys blue and panes begging,
but he is merciless to them

trees twinge
screaming, salted flowers suffer
crystal shatters

every blow erupts a frenzy
leaving morose our hearts
draining warmth from our bodies,
we surrender to the night.

savage slows to civil
and turns to lull us
becoming radiant,
the moon smiles at the frozen world
and charms the frosty trees and grass
a stunning glow covers the earth
and settles and enthralls and glitters.

-hillary nicole