Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the secret garden.

behind the honeysuckles and forsythias, through the pine trees and across the pebbled path, a step off course, there is a garden. hidden amid the busy world, serenity awaits. a glance beside is a dogwood tree; pink-in-bloom, hovering over deep red berries. the grass is taller here, where no feet dare tread. blades bend and bob in the breeze. a step farther sits an iron bench, copper speckled in a nook between branches. i sit with peaceful expectation- knees up and bare feet. a little, dotted bird hops beneath me. chirp and look for food. as i sit, i listen to the soft pond, the running waterfall. down. down. down the mossy rocks between crevices in the surface, like a spring. the water bubbles. chanting and pattering to the meet the pond where little golden-scaled fishies swim amongst the lilly pads. i wonder about He who made this sanctuary. surely it was made for me, for my love knows what enchants me; what romances my heart. fallen pine cones. the bluebells, buttercups and ambrosias. the charismatic robin who tips his head as if to say “how do you do?” a bluejay nestles himself in the pink dogwood, and two metallic, blue-green love birds sweep through again and fly away together side-by-side.

it has been so long since i have been alone like this- in company of the birds` melodic songs and the golden fish and the bumble bees. and deep thought of the beauty surrounding me crosses mind: God must be so beautiful for having created such vastly different things of the earth and sky- and of his soul. beauty, which reflects the desires of His heart, touches me in the breeze that bumps my skin and the efflorescence that bring pleasure to my eyes. the complexity of the earth is in reality such a simplicity. for God so loved that He gave . . . these gifts which are messages of the simplest, and most complex love story ever told. and yet man, as in our nature, convolute and snag and twist; when all that is asked of us is to simply say “yes.”

- hillary nicole

4. 19.11


  1. Awesome stuff, Hillary. Clearly God has given you the gift of using words to make His gifts "sensable" to someone reading them on a computer screen. :-)

  2. thank you adam, i can always count on you to read my stuff! hahah :)